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This category is about the features of the Ravioli scoring system that can be used to help you improve your performance. Primarily this focusses on moving away from trial-and-error problem-solving strategies to more sophisticated strategies.

Improving Your Score

Progress indicatorPROGRESS.  This measures how much of the game / level you’ve completed. Your score is cumulative, so you get a higher score by completing more of the game. The harder the puzzles get, the more points you win.

Some puzzles can be very challenging and need a degree of perseverance to solve them.

On-target indicator

ACCURACY.  Your accuracy is your ability to get the answer correct. It’s measured using the number of mistakes you make.  The harder the puzzle, the more mistakes you’re allowed to make before you lose the accuracy bonus. The accuracy bonus is a sliding scale: you can make some mistakes and still get some bonus. Each time you make a mistake your bonus is reduced until you only get the basic puzzle tariff.

Time Window Indicator

PLANNING. If you enter the correct solution within the time window the points tariff is doubled. NOTE: The time window doesn’t start until you select your first stencil. In other words, you can take as long as you like to work out your answer. Thinking time is allowed. You can make mistakes in the time window and still win the time bonus.  The time window rewards planning behaviour, so the more you work out the answer in advance, the more bonuses you win. The planning bonus is all-or-nothing: if you miss the time window you get no bonus at all.

Reset_LevelREPEAT LEVEL. When you get to the end of each level, you are given the opportunity to repeat it. This gives you the chance to improve your score; for example, if you know you’ve made lots of silly mistakes in the early levels while you’re still learning the rules.


REPEAT GAME. At the end of the game you can reset everything. You’ll be amazed at how easy the first levels are when you try them a second time around. Resetting the game does not affect your Leaderboard score in Game Centre.


Game CenterGAME CENTER. Your highest score is kept on the Leaderboard in Game Centre, so if you want to play competitively please make sure you’re signed in.