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Metacognition is to think about thinking. It means listening to yourself think as you complete the puzzles. Where do you make mistakes? Is it when you’re looking at the puzzle? Are you rushing? Are you learning from your mistakes? How can you use this knowledge to improve your performance? By being aware of metacognition we can improve our thinking skills, which can make us behave in smarter ways. Blog posts in this section are all about improving thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.

Composite Shapes


COMPOSITE SHAPES. Another feature of the game that causes visual confusion is composite shapes.

These occur when two different stencils of the same colour are placed next to each other.

In the example above, the two blue stencils merge together and appear as a single stencil.

It doesn’t matter in which order the two blue stencils are clicked, Ravioli will accept either answer; both are correct.

Composite shapes appear in Ravioli at Level 6.


Negative Space

A green octagon stencil on a black base.

NEGATIVE SPACE. What do you see? A green octagon or a black octagon?

There are a couple of features of the game that are designed to cause confusion. One of these is the use of negative space, i.e. an absence or something that isn’t there. Instead of seeing solid shapes, you’re looking at spaces created by shapes being removed. This causes confusion as your brain is trained to look for what is there, not what isn’t there. So the answer is you’re seeing a green octagon stencil on a black base.