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Brain Training is a term used for any cognitive activity that improves the brains functional skills in a particular way. Ravioli is designed to challenge your problem-solving strategies and visual perceptual skills.

Brain Training

BrainTrainBRAIN TRAINING. This refers to any mental exercises specifically designed to improve your short-term working memory skills. Problem-solving games and activities like crosswords, Sudoku and Ravioli are all cognitive activities that can be used to improve your working memory skills.

Meta-cognition is the study of cognition, or thinking skills. Understanding and practicing thinking skills regularly can help you to become a more effective thinker and helps keep the brain stimulated. Higher order thinking skills (HOTS) are the ones that are most valuable to humans and includes problem-solving, logical thinking and creativity.

There are two parts to solving a Ravioli puzzle: –

  • Identifying the correct stencils in the puzzle.
  • Working out the correct sequence of the stencils.

Identifying the stencils and their order is made difficult as only the top stencil is fully visible –  you can only see fragments of the underlying stencils. Using this partial information and the clues it contains, you have to put together a complete sequence of all the information to solve the puzzle.