RAVIOLIArt of Perception is a series of games designed to challenge your visual intelligence.

Ravioli is the first game in the series. It consists of bold coloured stencils, made from simple geometric shapes that overlay each other, creating colourful patterns. You analyse each pattern and decode its sequence, to identify the correct stencils in the correct order. It’s a very simple concept – but just like crossword puzzles and Sudoku, it takes a lot of brainpower to work out the solution.

The game is a modern version of an old psychological test presented in the format of a fun and challenging mobile phone game. The game is due for release on the App Store on 5th May 2016.

The game has 144 unique stencils that you learn to identify as you progress through 15 levels of complexity. All together the game contains 225 puzzles to solve, taking about 12 hours to complete.

There are two ways to play Ravioli: 

  1. As a game. Don’t worry about the score; just see if you can match the pattern on the left and complete all 225 puzzles. When you get to the end, you can restart the game and do the brain-training side of things next time around.
  2. As a brain-training tool. Read the next section to learn more about the thinking skills and brain-training within Ravioli.

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